[RPGXP]: Wapow’s Story


Well this is my RPGXP Custom made Game titled “Wapow’s Story” it is an incomplete game because due to an unknown error in the coding of the battle system that it wont let me modify the whole game itself so bad luck again in Game Programming and it was made at year 2010. RPGXP is a program which you can make 2D Role Playing Games the best example for this is Final Fantasy I-VI, Well if you aren’t familiar with the switch cases, loops, coordinates,map design, pathways, sprites, events, timing, frames, damage formula and many more, RPGXP will be hard for you but it is worth learning for because it has easy functions. The basic battle system of this program is “turn based” but i want to be unique so I got some coding of “real time” battle system. So I will show the screenshots and narrate the story before the game corrupted.

The Starting Screen

Well of course the Starting screen must be very cool so I used Adobe Photoshop and some codes in which I can use custom made Starting Screen and whether the user wants to choose from new game, load game and quit game. If the font color of the menu is light blue it is selected while if the font color is in gray there is no  saved games available.

Upon selecting the new game it will go to the start of the game.

Short Scene

These are the automatic events which the user cannot walk the player and the background music plays. The showing of text will be like the character is talking. As you can see there are rocks beside the river it is like a fence in order to prohibit the character to go inside the river and it looks weird though well it will be gonna be long in here because it is not moving lol.

Then kids will appear in that certain region and will now walk forward as my code wants.

Then the kids will stop at that coordinates and then will go face the main character and the kids will now talk I mean the text will now show!

Then after they said that “what a lovely day” I inputted a rainy weather and in this screenshot of course the rain will not move but inside the game the rain is moving I mean falling lol.

After you pressed the enter key the kids will now go home and after those kids stepped in an event tile they will disappear!

Then the screen will be playing sound effects of killing people like “aaaaa! oooh!” just like that and the screen will be flashing red indicating that there is bloodshed happening and Wapow will now notice the kids goes to the town.

Now after Wapow stepped into that event tile it will activate the switch which allows the angels and the kids appear, the background music changes to tense and they will now talk.

After pressing the enter key the Hit points and Skill points with your current level will now show at the top left corner so they will talk again.

After that long talk I inputted a special effects on the kids and will now disappear after their magic circle thingy ends and when the kids disappear I used a smokey effect to appear the whole screen.

The Battle System

Now the Game itself will now start here so I used a transparent show text and placed it in the middle showing the mission and the timer and the controls of the game.

Now the Battle System is not the default turn based system there is a cool down which the user can only attack a certain amount of milliseconds and it can be adjusted for faster weapons and the damage varies in your weapon, defense of the enemy and the enemy has a slight of evasion. Whenever an Enemy dies you will have EXP!

and that’s it this is the end of my corrupted game quite disappointing though mission complete and I didn’t do the defend button because it’s hard timing.

Well Thanks for reading 🙂