[Adobe Photoshop]: How to Create a Customized Brush!


Well obviously the program you should use is Adobe Photoshop. I learned it while clicking some buttons and etc. so I will share my knowledge about creating a simple customized brush! For me there are two kinds of how you put the brush: the normal way and the random way. Okay let me just now teach you how to create a simple customized brush!

Creating a Brush Design

Click “File then New” and set the Size to ” Height: 400 X Width: 250″ and it will look like the picture below. the next part will be a bit complicated so bare with me.

Okay you can use a random manual design, when I say manual it means that you inputted the design or drawn the design by means of your default brushes yet you can use any design from picture and something like that. For me I drawn three circles (with Outer Glow and Inner Glow) and the picture below is the output.

Now in here, I used a Gaussian Blur effect in the Filter tab(between the Select and Analysis) and then blur you will find there the Gaussian Blur in order to make a nice smooth brush not a solid one.

Creating the Normal way Brush!

go to the Edit(Beside the File tab) and then find the “Define Brush Preset” and the picture below will pop up. Don’t worry about the thumbnail of the brush that does not look like the one you drawn just Click OK. You have now a Normal way brush! to use it: Use your brush tool and then right click on the picture then find your brush! You can use the brush the way it was drawn in any color! not just black.

Creating a Random way Brush!

We will use the Normal way Brush in order to create a Random way Brush. So click the icon that looks like a cup with three brushes beside those RGB colors. Now to fasten our discussion check the Shape Dynamics and then adjust the Size Jitter to any percentage you like but for me I used 100%. This function enables a random size of your brush whenever you use it.

This will be the Example: there are Six clicks so you can determine their size difference and like I said it is random.

Now lets go back into the “Brush tab” and now adjust the Angle Jitter with any percentage you want and I used 100%. This function enables the brush to randomize the angle of each input of the brush.

This will be the Example: there are Seven clicks so you can see their angle difference and like I said it is randomized again.

Now go back where you found the “Shape Dynamics” and Check the “Scattering” and adjust the Scatter percentage. This function is used if you want to use your brush by dragging so it is scattered instead of straight line.

The Screenshot below is the output when you used the brush by dragging with the “Shape Dynamics” and “Scattering” Checked and Adjusted! It looks like falling paper clips lol and there you have it! You have now a Random way Brush!

Applying your Brush into a Photo

Well as you can see I used my customized brush using white color! In addition with the Brush mode of Multiply and the Layer mode of Overlay that makes it really cool in my photo. Well thanks for reading!


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