[Autodesk Maya]: Adding Glow in an Object


Hello Guys I will be sharing what I learn from roaming around the internet and it is hard to find so I made this blog. Autodesk Maya is used for 3D Graphical Images and Movies. So I will be teaching some methods in this software little by little so that you wont be confused in some techniques that I use. Sorry for the low quality images.

Create an Object/Nurb/Surfaces/Polygon

So before we add a Glow in an object we must have an object first so Create a simple Sphere.

Appearing Menu and Assigning Material

So in order to make the menu appear for the selected object you must hold right click and point it to the “Assign New Material…” and then release the right click and a menu will appear again.

Then there are sets of materials can be used into your object but in case if you want it to have a Glowing Effect you must use Blinn(with the red circle indicator) because it has the Special Effects function in those materials.

Changing Color of an Object

When you assigned the Blinn material into your object an Attribute Editor will appear in the right side of the screen like the first image above. So if you want to change the Color of the Object just click that Colored Box beside the Label Color(or with the Red Circle Indicator) and choose what you desire. The Color of the Glow depends on the Color of the Material so be careful so in the Second image above I picked the color red.

Adding Glow!

Now when you are satisfied with your object’s color so scroll down in the “Attribute Editor” and Find the “Special Effects” Tab and click that to show the Adjustment bar for the Glow Intensity. So when you see the Glow Intensity Adjustment bar so you can either use 0.000 to 1.000 so the higher the number the more intense the glow so I adjusted my object to 1.000 Glow Intensity.

How to view the Glowing Object

Okay to view your Glowing Object you must click the Icon Which looks like a Director’s tool(The Right Side of a white box icon(With the Small Red Circle Indicator)) or the Icon that says “Render the Current Frame (Maya Software)” Click that icon.

And there you have it you have now learned the concept of adding Glow in an object Stay tune for more awesomeness. Thanks for Reading 🙂