[IT Guide]: Fixing folder’s disabled “hidden” property checkbox


Well do you feel annoyed when your Flash Drive becomes infected with a virus that creates new folders, duplicates your folders into shortcuts and when you clicked that shortcut the virus will surely infect your whole Flash Drive’s content making it hidden from until you set the folder options. So to make you read more I will be dissecting the information into parts up to the bottom of this blog post. In the image below you would be obviously know when your Flash Drive is corrupt when your Folders became Application types LOL.

Clean your Flash Drive!

Of course you must clean your Flash Drive first before you recover your files and something like that. So I will be recommending you Microsoft Essentials as your anti-virus software because it has good performance. The image below states the name of the virus or worm that infects your computer and there is a specific detail about what do the virus or worm do to your computer.

Now after cleaning your Flash Drive from viruses you could delete those obviously shortcuts or application types that has the same amount of file size. Like in the First Image there are multiple 200kb and 92kb file sizes. So Delete the shortcuts or application types without worrying and don’t delete which you think is not a shortcut or application types with the same size of those virus’ created shortcuts then your Flash Drive is good as nothing.

Step 1

If you know how to view the hidden folders proceed to Unticking the hidden property. Now for those who don’t well follow this guide. When you are using Windows 7 Click “Organize > Folder and Search Options” and the Folder Options will pop up and then click the “View” Tab and under the “Hidden Files and Folders” Choose “Show Hidden files, folders, or drives” and then next Uncheck the “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)” and then prompt will show up and choose yes and then apply. The virus that affect your Flash Drive makes all the folder hidden as an operating file system making it not only show when you just chose the “Show Hidden files, folders, or drives”.

Unticking the Hidden Property

Now in the image below you see that the supposed enabled check box for the hidden option has been disabled and you cannot make it to appear it again normally unless your folder view option is like that always where you see operating file systems and it’s kinda annoying(for me).

Open Command Prompt and then follow from the image below while I explain what are those you typed. Well before we fix a folder we must be in the Flash Drive’s Directory so I typed “E:” because the Letter Directory of the Flash Drive is E: for example you notice beside the Flash Drive’s Name “CODE WAPOW (E:)” so that’s it we’re now in your Flash Drive’s directory. Then, “attrib -s -h (Folder Name)” be aware when typing the Folder Name because it is Case Sensitive and doesn’t recognize Folder Name Spaces so before you start proceeding rename your Folder into a Non-Space name what I mean is there is no Space in the folder’s name for example is I renamed my folder into “CS5”. So when you entered that command the CS5 Folder is now fixed and the check box for the hidden property is now enabled again!

And Tada! the hidden folder “CS5” is not hidden anymore and the hidden property check box is now enabled too.

And when you adjust your folder view options again into the normal state where the “Don’t show Hidden files, folders, or drives” and the “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)” are chosen the image below is the view leaving other unfixed folders hidden in order to fix all of your folders type them one by one in the command prompt so more folders? more trouble. So I will be giving a tip at the end of this post when this problem occurs again.

The Best TIP:

To lessen frustration when this occurs again and for those who are not yet affected, Try going to the drive first (E:) then type “attrib -s -h /s /d” in the command prompt then all folders is now fixed!

Thanks for reading! Share this to everybody!

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