[Visual Studio 2010]: Plant and Harvest


Okay now this is like a concept of Cityville or Harvest moon but Harvest moon uses days and sleep to harvest the specific plant so I’d rather use Cityville concept because it displays the amount of time left before harvesting the plant. This program is created  by a newbie(me) from Visual Studio 2010 with just plain and simple codes and as I discuss the flow of the program use your childish imagination.

Phase 1

This is the main interface of the program and it looks some weird child’s program well you might use your imagination to get what I mean in this program so lets begin. The Brown buttons or should I say the soil needs a plant and you can equip whether turnip, watermelon and pineapple. The Unequip plant button enables all radio buttons and unchecks them all while harvest mode turns all soils clickable when ready to harvest.

Phase 2

Now when the user picked or equipped a plant making other radio buttons be disabled and to verify that the radio button is disabled its text color becomes green. In order to equip another plant the user must click the “Unequip plant” button so in this case the user equipped turnip beside the plants name is their countdown to harvest which means when the timer goes to 0 then you can harvest the plant.

Phase 3

Now in Phase 3 the user equipped the turnip and plant them in what I call soil after planting them the soil cannot be clicked unless the user is in Harvest mode. So a turnip has 5 seconds countdown to be harvest.

Phase 3-2

In this Phase the Turnip is ready to be harvest so in order to harvest the user must click the “Unequip Plant” because the farmer cannot harvest while holding Turnip seeds so after clicking the “Unequip Plant” the user must click the Harvest mode in order to harvest of course and while Harvest mode is on the Unequip plant button’s text will be Exit Harvest mode. Now when the Turnip is now harvested the user gain 100 gold per each Turnip gaining 300 gold!

Phase 4

Now watermelons are planted in the soil so the watermelons are ready to harvest in 10 seconds.

Phase 4-2

Again Unequip Plant and click Harvest mode and each watermelon gains you 500 gold that’s why the user’s current amount of money is 300 adding 500 means 800 gold! so when the user harvests the remaining watermelons he got 1800 Gold!

Phase 5

Now pineapples are planted in the soil again same description from the previous phases when the countdown reaches 0 READY TO HARVEST!

Phase 5-2

Again and again Unequip Plant and click Harvest mode and each pineapple gains you 1000 gold! that’s why the user’s current amount of money is 1800 adding 1000 means 2800 gold! so when the user harvests the remaining pineapples he got 4800 Gold!

Phase 6

Now as you readers thought that the user must only plant one specific plant in those 3 soils think again! you can alternate plants within those 3 soils.

Phase 6-2

Now as you can see same explanation like in the previous phases. Harvest it all 4800 + Turnip(100) + Watermelon(500) + Pineapple(1000) = Get 6400 GOLD!

Final Phase

Let’s advance, so this time wasting game has its ending. When your gold reaches 10,000 your farmer is now tired and the programs closes how awfully waste of time indeed. So when you harvest the Pineapple you will get 10,000 Gold!

After Harvesting the user will get a pop up message and as you can see the gold is 9000 it is understood that you have harvested the Pineapple that gains the user 1000 making it 10,000:

And after clicking OK another pop up appears making the user in great anger:

Well that’s about it I only presented the concept not a total complete game so stay tuned!


[Visual Studio 2010]: Pick the same BUTTONS!


This is a very simple game program created by a newbie(me) to simulate the game which you must find the card’s partner using Visual Studio 2010 to test my logic in programming and later on I will be discussing how the codes work, so let me show you first the flow or how the program works.

Phase 1

When you open the application this is the interface of the program and when the cursor goes inside the button the color of the button changes into red and when the cursor goes outside the button it changes back to its color specifically Sky blue.

Phase 2

When you now clicked a button it shows the name of the button or the text on the button and now the user must find its partner button named Dog too. It also shows here that there is a red button which means my cursor is inside the red button and because of the screen shot my cursor hide himself.

Phase 3

Now in Phase 3 it shows that the user clicked the wrong button  obviously a Dog is not equal to a Cat and a pop up will show saying Incorrect. As you clicked or entered the OK button in the pop up the name of the buttons will disappear.

Phase 4

Now in Phase 4 it shows that the user clicked first the Cat button below and next chooses the Dog button at the upper portion, so obviously Cat is not equal to Dog again and the pop up will show again saying Incorrect. Again as you clicked or entered the OK button in the pop up the name of the buttons will disappear.

Phase 5

Now in this Phase the user clicked first the lower portion Dog button and next chooses the upper portion Dog button so now they are equal which the pop up saying Correct. Upon clicking the OK button in the pop up the names of the two buttons will not disappear and the buttons will be disabled and cannot be clicked again.

Final Phase

Now here it is, the user clicked the two remaining buttons and both showed equal text on the button. Resulting to disabling all buttons and there will be a pop up again saying Correct and when you entered or clicked the OK button another pop up will show up again saying Game Finished and when you entered or clicked the OK button again makes the application to close totally.

[Warcraft World Editor]: Battle of the pow

Battle of the PoW

This map was created by an application called “World Editor” which is a War craft tool for making custom game maps with programming languages and easy manipulation of the objects.  I created this when I was in 2nd year High School Student around  2006 up to 2007 I think, then this is why I became interested in programming because it is interactive and I can create a world with my own, though this game has no end at all and my computer had a virus and made it broke that time so I did not finish this game map. this is the First game map Part 1 of its patch quite entertaining though so here is the incomplete output.

Download Link: http://www.epicwar.com/maps/48575/

Battle of the PoW[Island of Paladins]

Now when my Computer had been fixed at that time I began from the scratch that is when I was in 3rd year High School around 2008 up to 2009 I think, So I downloaded a War craft map specifically the very old DOTA map which the assigned path and winning conditions is already arranged in the website called:

Site Link: http://www.world-editor-tutorials.thehelper.net/

and there were many tutorials in there which may come very useful as you manipulate with your custom based map. Now the output of learning a little bit of advanced programming even 3d animation  because I created a 3d model which has a sword in it in his right hand and if else, wait, elapse, show, hide, Boolean, integer and many more conditions now this is the last patch of the game it is because my computer had a virus again which eventually broke again did not recover any files again so here is the incomplete output.

Download Link: http://www.epicwar.com/maps/62749/

Thanks for Reading 🙂